Blockchain Banking

Union Bank Payment Coin

World's First Security Token backed by a Fully Licensed Bank.
The Union Bank Payment Coin is a stable coin that is fully backed by a fiat currency – the Swiss franc.

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Union Bank Payment Coin (UBPC)
Security token offerings are the investment tool of the future, a mechanism designed to store wealth by utilizing income-producing digital assets.
Union Bank AG is a fully licensed and regulated bank based in Liechtenstein.
Union Bank AG will be the first bank ever to issue its own security tokens, closely followed by a fiat-backed Union Bank Payment Coin.
UBPC will be a stable coin pegged to the value of the Swiss franc.
UBPC will be issued in alignment with Liechtenstein's regulatory authority FMA.
The security, transparency, and immediacy of blockchain technology will afford customers and investors the rights and protections demanded by European regulators.
UBPC is designed to effect sweeping change in crypto and fintech by
allowing users to invest and make international cross-border transactions with using a stablecoin.

Union Bank AG will provide a holistic blockchain platform
giving users a simple, unified crypto and banking experience.

Single unified blockchain
platform and interface

Comprehensive blockchain‑powered
fraud prevention

Instantly access to assets
with blockchain‑powered security

Instant and ultra-secure
Union Bank AG is a fully licensed and regulated bank based in Liechtenstein, a Principality located in the middle of Europe, bordered by Switzerland and Austria, and participating country in the European Economic Area. Union Bank AG is primarily offering corporate banking services to companies in Germany, Switzerland and Austria and the Middle East. Operating in the blockchain-friendly environment of Liechtenstein, Union Bank AG already supports ICOs and clients by partnering with crypto-brokers and crypto-advisors to facilitate efficient and transparent conversions between crypto and fiat currencies.
Being deeply immersed in the international trade of goods and services as well as the support of crypto and blockchain companies, Union Bank AG is in a unique position to develop and implement cutting-edge solutions that will greatly benefit its main customer segments.
Our goal is to become the world's first blockchain investment bank and to provide tangible solutions which help drive efficiencies, reduce cost base and open up new revenue opportunities for our customers and intermediaries alike. As a fully licensed and regulated bank we are in a privileged position to combine all the advantages of traditional banking with the possibilities inherent in the blockchain technology. As such, our fiat-backed Union Bank Payment Coin has the potential to disrupt the approach to international trade and international cross-border transactions. With our initiative we are investing in the future and becoming the world's preeminent blockchain investment bank.
The bank will extend and improve its existing services and offerings. It will be taking the first steps to position itself as a full-service blockchain investment bank, eventually adopting the blockchain fully throughout its processes and supporting technology. Union Bank AG will be working with Verum Capital AG on this initiative, a leading blockchain boutique based out of Switzerland.
In the future, Union Bank AG will be a one-stop crypto and blockchain solution provider which embraces and integrates the new world of blockchain technology and crypto assets and the best practices of traditional banking.

The smartest people work every day to provide the best service and to make our clients happy
Thomas Schmidt
Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Schmidt is a very seasoned banker running with great experience in large and small organisations. During his professional career he has covered Wealth Management, Investments and Risk Management.
Rudy Suter
Chief Operating Officer
Mr. Suter has vast and unparalleled experience of over 30 years in International Banking. He gained a deep insight into the banking industry in various key positions all over the world. He has performed management functions in financial centres like Tokyo, Melbourne, London, Frankfurt, New York and Zürich, be it in Investment Banking, Asset Management or Wealth Management.
Ian Keates
Chief Technology Officer
Mr. Keates has been at the heart of the banking industry for over 30 years, spearheading many foreign exchange initiatives and successful business and IT transformations. With his depth and breadth of banking expertise, Ian will execute innovative solutions that support the bank's clients via new technologies, including the use of blockchain and the introduction of various crypto-currency capabilities.
Wolfram Kuoni
Vice President, Board of Directors
Dr. Kuoni runs his own law firm with an international clientele. He has extensive banking experience in corporate and private banking. He is director of various listed and non-listed companies mainly in the financial industry.
M. H. Dastmaltchi
Chairman, Board of Directors
Mr. Dastmaltchi is a visionary German investment banker and serial investor with extensive experience in Investment and Commercial Banking. At a very young age he obtained a banking license and successfully ran his own investment bank in Germany. His focus lies on finance, brokerage and technology and places a great value on social, political and societal commitments.
Elfried Hasler
Member, Board of Directors
Mr. Hasler has many years of experience in leading private banking and asset management functions, lastly as Member of Group Executive Board of a large Bank in Liechtenstein.
Thomas Krawietz
Member, Board of Directors
Mr. Krawietz is a successful ex private banker and former head of international and onshore departments of a big Swiss Bank. He has a proven ability to think and act strategically and analytically. Today he works as a banking consultant.